The Sims 2: Appleton Adventures!

Special thanks to SA forum person Daduzi, who took care of creating this diary looking thing and keeping shit in better chronological order than the forum archives... or myself for that matter... could.

For that I'm also going to forgive him fucking up my screen name on that nifty but horribly underoptimized book cover .jpg.

This here is a transcript of the day-to-day updates of the Gamesforum Family- seven Sims modelled after their respective volunteers in the Games subforums at Something Awful, and crammed into a 3bdr 2.5 bath Waltons-style farmhouse.
The following are straight cut-and-pastes of the day-to-day updates I provided in the thread. Also included, are the excerpts from the accessory houses.
Be advised that some of the clever captions are in-jokes and references to the social fabric of the forums themselves, so for any unindoctrinated readers, don't feel so bad if you read something with context you don't understand.


A family that gays together stays together!

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From left to right:

ForeverGrey - Sup baby. - Just guess his aspiration.
ObMeiste - As you can see, I've cemented your relationship with FG as his savior and guardian. Also you can thank your personal ambitions for the beret and facepaint, and Rathen for your piratude. - Fortune aspiration.
Otik - Englishman, eh? - Popularity aspiration.
GIIRyudo - I'm sorry you're so ordinary, but all things considered that's better than what some folks got. - Knowledge aspiration.
Rathen - So you like costumes of trenchoat-clad figures of ultimate darkness that started their careers with a bang and ended in a charred gutter of broken dreams and destroyed lives? - Family aspiration.
Duey - Well mister Fortune, you better live up to earning the cash for the house. - Derf.
EtchaSketch - You wanted the role of giant deviant so I ran with the whole Mick Jagger lookalike thing. - Romance aspiration.

Surprisingly this took a long fucking time to do.

Time to do the house.

First and foremost, I decided to cheat in some cash to get a bigger place. I tried the 2bdr thing earlier with the 5 sluts, and they could barely move anywhere to do anything, and spent more time bitching at eachother for being hemmed in. Plus, I sort of wanted to have the plasmascreen for the video game system. I need a little escapism here...

Here's the house. Can't tell well from the recompression, but Otik immediately started giving shit to GIIRyudo, and GIIRyudo passionately began talking about astronauts. Off to a rolling start.

First deck. I don't know what the fuck I'm doing here so I tossed in about one of everything that seemed interesting to me.

The double beds and the 2 singles will help sort out the homos and the phobes.

Aspiration recap

ForeverGrey - Your aspiration as a toddler is only to Grow Up. Ironic isn't it?
GIIRyudo - Knowledge. I mean, why else would you counter Otik's sass with bullshit about spacemen?
Otik - Popularity. And you're well on your way, starting a fight right out the gate.
EtchaSketch - Romance. Such a dirty, dirty rock star.
ObMeiste - Fortune. I really don't see a militant pirate as a real big family guy.
Duey - Fortune. You got the suit and tie, let's see if you live up to it...
Rathen - Family. Because that's what was left over :(