Day 3

Some preliminary mood observations -

- GIIRyudo's in pretty good shape. He's been satisfying a lot of his wants on his own, which have involved a variety of skillbuilding in any given skill. Irony to note- he has the most cleaning skill, but I've yet to see him clean something.
- Rathen is miserable. He hasn't recovered yet from the stove fire, and a fire remains one of his fears.
- ForeverGrey's in a pretty good mood. Ironic considering how all of his wants center around attention from ObMeiste, and we know about how well that's going.
- Duey's doing alright. All of his wants center around me buying a bunch of shit for the place. Well, he better shake his moneymaker a little harder.
- EtchaSketch still has priorities in getting laid, but he's pretty well balanced out right now, with plenty of wants that he could take care of on his own.
- ObMeiste is merely hungry. And he is terrified of shitty diapers on FG.
- Otik is in the best mood out of all of you. Considering his Popularity bent, that's not terribly shocking. His wants have centered around interacting, and he pretty much does that.

ON with the program.

This is just fucked up.

Rathen's really having a bad day. He's both starved and exhausted. So, he gets out of bed then falls asleep standing up after bitching about being hungry.

What the hell, Otik?

Duey plays with FG quite a few times.

I thought this was actually kind of nice. Afterwards, he placed the baby in the crib, then pondered a few places to sleep. Apparently, if I interpreted his revulsed shudders and 'no way!' gesticulations correctly, there was no god damn way he was getting in bed with either ObMeiste, GIIRyudo or EtchaSketch. He picked a single bunk.

Rathen's still asleep on his feet.

Holy shit! Etcha goes to work!

ObMeiste reacts to the sight of his child.

Just fuckin with ya. The kid stinks. Ob changes him. Bout time.

Here we go again...

After snapping out of his daze, Rathen eats poptarts then picks up his mood substantially by playing video games. If it weren't for how desperately he craves roommate cock I'd say I could relate to him.

Otik demands the kid move so he can piss...

FG then toddles off to the bathroom down the hall to resume toiletmarauding.

So I plant something at the foot of Duey's bed...

FG takes the bait! VICTOLY!

What in the fuck is WITH you people and your spongebathing in the kitchen?!

GIIRyudo left for work on time! 2 for 2 so far!

Seeings how no one will bring the boy downstairs to play with his other toys, I plopped this hideous piece of custom artwork in the bathroom.

Otik puts FG down for his nap. Then headed for the phone, surprising the shit out of me with an address book of other Sims Otik knows.

One of his wants is to be friends with Mitch the fireman, so hey, reach out and touch someone. It asks me if I should invite him over or just talk, so I pick talk. Otik then wanders around the house like an idle teenager, chatting about balloons, one ton bombs, and a variety of other bits of phallic imagery.

I noticed the blonde was on that list, and I'm filing that detail for later.

Someone on the television just said, "Maubey, maubey, maubey. Infewbem." What in the FUCK.

Duey. Man of the mop. Man of action.

What a fucking stellar day. ObMeiste and Duey, in the same carpool, head off to work together to support their team, the Giant Jackasses.

Rathen wakes back up and well snap my slimjim he wants to be friends with Marisa the blonde girl, and he wants to get married now. COINCIDENCE?

The television just said, "Con. Du. Sidnar." What the FUCK.

Etcha cleans up yet again defying his slob status. But, only a couple plates. A bacteria colony rages on the counter by the fridge, and the kitchen is strewn with nasty bottles.

Oh Jesus. The game just warned me that FG is starving and neglected.

Rathen is the first to react. He gives FG a bath, ignoring his own rotstinking status. What nobility!

He then just chucks a nasty diaper off the kid, sets him down and takes a bath. GIIRyudo took the kid downstairs for a bottle. Phew, looks like the kid might make it.

Otik dreams of his fireman hero friend.

Etcha cleans again, forcing me to doublecheck his stats to reaffirm he is indeed, sloppy. Then, he plays piano for the first time... and passers by like it.

Oh hell not again...

Woah, I was confronted with a decision about Duey's career- either to be a new mascot because the old one retired, or stick with the llama routine. I chose, 'fuck llamas', and apparently Duey got a promotion, more sexy, and better built. Funny how that shit works.
ObMeiste however got promoted from a llama to a Llama- he's part of a ball team I think. Then, so did Duey, and I'm real confused. Whatever.


I have no idea how long that bottle was sitting there. But that's just nasty.